Are you considering Invisalign for your child? If so, you’ll be glad to know that Invisalign braces are a popular and effective choice when it comes to building a better smile. And the benefits of using Invisalign braces extend far beyond a straighter set of teeth, too. Check out this guide to learn 7 Invisalign benefits that will make you confident in your choice!

1. Benefits of Invisalign Include Easier Cleaning

A big benefit of Invisalign over traditional braces is that Invisalign makes maintaining an oral hygiene practice a much easier process. If your child has metal brackets affixed to their teeth, they’ll need to do a more careful cleaning — and they could miss areas in their mouth that are difficult to reach. That translates to dental problems down the road.

With Invisalign, your child won’t need to change their approach to brushing and flossing since they’re able to remove the trays during cleaning. In fact, the trays will feel better in their mouth if your child makes cleaning after eating a regular part of their routine.

2. You Can Avoid Extra Appointments

Traditional braces need to be tightened every month or so, and this results in more hassle for you and greater anxiety for your child. You may need to miss work more frequently and your child may need to miss classes in order to go to the appointments.

Even routine appointments can feel disruptive after a while, and traditional braces often invite additional issues. If brackets come off or the hardware hurts, for instance, you may find yourself taking your child to the orthodontist more often to make adjustments.

Since going to health-related appointments can be intimidating for younger people, it’s wise to talk with your child about the benefits of going through teeth straightening ahead of time — and determine their comfort level. A pediatric dentist may be best suited to help you and your child find an effective path forward.

3. Your Child Will Develop More Responsibility

With Invisalign trays, your child will play an active role in the process of creating a better smile. Every two weeks, they’ll get to switch to a different set of Invisalign trays in order to continue the corrective work. And they’ll be responsible for gently cleaning the trays each day.

They’ll need to be careful with how they handle and store the trays since they should be removed during eating. Additionally, since the trays are removed during brushing and flossing, your child will learn the benefits of maintaining a good oral hygiene routine. You’ll gain a more confident and responsible child!

4. Invisalign May Be Able to Fix a Misaligned Jaw

A misaligned jaw can result in pain each time your teen opens their mouth, and the pain can travel to the neck and shoulders if left untreated. Invisalign may be an effective way to help align your child’s bite gradually and safely. And a better bite means your child will be happier and more productive during the day.

When in doubt, talk with an orthodontist to determine the optimal timeline for when your child should do teeth straightening. Intervening earlier with Invisalign may be a possible way to prevent bigger jaw issues down the road.

5. One of the Biggest Invisalign Benefits? A More Confident Child

If your child wears traditional braces, they’ll be wearing a very obvious form of teeth straightening. And since the average person wears metal braces for up to 3 years, the brackets will be a part of your child’s smile for a long time. Every time your child smiles, traditional braces will be in full view.

Invisalign offers a more discrete way to address oral health — and the process tends to be a little faster versus traditional braces. Invisalign trays are barely noticeable, and it shouldn’t take long for your child to adjust to speaking while having them in their mouth. You can feel comfortable knowing that your child will be able to smile more confidently throughout the teeth straightening process.

6. Invisalign Braces Are More Comfortable

Traditional braces are not known for being the most comfortable experience, so your teen will appreciate an upgrade to Invisalign. After a tightening appointment for traditional metal brackets, the tension in the mouth can be frustrating and uncomfortable. Your child may even need to limit the types of food they consume to avoid unnecessary pain for a little while.

Invisalign offers a more comfortable solution. When it comes to the benefits of Invisalign braces, a big one is that your child won’t need to make adjustments to their eating habits or daily schedule to accommodate the trays. Invisalign trays are removed during eating and your child shouldn’t notice any problems during the process.

7. The Trays May Provide Protection

Another benefit of Invisalign is that the trays may be able to provide added protection in your child’s mouth. If your child is a teeth grinder, Invisalign trays may act as a protective barrier while they sleep. The trays also have the potential to ease and correct the behavior of the muscles that contribute to teeth grinding — and help prevent the discomfort that is TMJ, too.

While Invisalign trays are not meant to serve as a mouth guard, they could offer some extra protection in that capacity, as well. The plastic trays may be able to offer one more level of safeguard from any bumps or contact to the mouth that your child experiences throughout the day.

The Benefits Make Invisalign the Right Choice

Invisalign benefits are plentiful and compelling, so make sure you’re exploring this option for your child’s oral care. With Invisalign, you’ll help your child develop a more confident smile without the stigma associated with traditional braces. And they’ll gain a stronger sense of responsibility toward their oral health in the process.

When you’re ready to help your child achieve the smile they deserve, contact us and we can help!